I’m still trying to make this particular format for the group work, so please be patient as I rearrange the furniture.
The links and pages are all there and they all work, I’m just rearranging things a bit so it looks better and is more organized.
Thank you for your patience and have fun exploring the site.

Here’s the Run-down:

The NEWS page –  will allow you to access the latest news stories concerning homeschooling back in the States

The EVERYTHING page – holds everything… hence the name.  News, bloggings, pictures… everything but the calendar of events.  This is essentially a blog, so there has to be one central place to receive the posts.  Filter through if you like… I’m trying to organize them with pages to make it easy.

The CALENDAR page – is a password protected page for members only so we can keep track of outings with a little less to worry about.

The other pages are pretty basic.  I hope to grow them more and possibly add more to help further organize the site.

Enjoy yourself and let me know what you think!


One Response to “Welcome!”

  1. Corinne Says:

    Internet connection spotty for now… Think we are rather close to you, we are by Toys R Us.

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