Okay, so what do we hope to accomplish here and what will you see in the near future?

To begin, we moved to Japan recently and live in Okinawa, an island to the south and a little west of the mainland. While exhausting from our search for unschoolers on the island, we decided to make our own little refuge for like-minded people to get together in this small niche crowd. We are not ex/in-clusive. What we are looking for is people with a love for life’s opportunities to learn with and to teach your children.

That being said, this group hopes to find people who want to get out of their homes and explore Japan, learn from its people, culture, and vast opportunities. If you’ve been to Japan before or if this is your first time, we can all learn from one another.

Without simply filtering through the OkiMar for things to do, we hope to come up with a calendar of multiple events to include Mom’s/Dad’s nights, Co-op opportunities, Simple get togethers and coffees, Storytimes, Park Days, and much more (sitter exchange possibly?).

News and commentary to keep you informed of what is happening back in the US concerning homeschooling.

We will strive to have get togethers on the weekends, as well as weekdays, so working spouses can participate as well.

Additionally, we hope to provide a safe meeting ground for homeschoolers without fear of judgment or reprisal. We are an open group to all teaching styles (though we focus primarily on unschooling), races, religions, political philosophy, or background. If you homeschool, if you love learning with your children, if you’re looking for other homeschoolers in Okinawa, you’re in.

Moreover, we hope to tailor this group to the needs of its members. So let us know what you’d like to see and how we can provide it together.


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