You might notice up top that the name of the blog has been changed from Okinawa Homeschoolers to Okinawa Unschoolers. The reason behind this is we did not want to confuse ourselves with the Yahoo group of a similar name.

Our address, as you’ll notice, is the same. The kanji is the same. We are still open and receptive to homeschoolers of all backgrounds and learning styles (we’re not ‘unschooling elitists” or anything of that nature). We just didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes so we’ll avoid that before it has the chance to become an issue.

We got a comment! It’s from Tokyo which doesn’t lend well for getting together… but welcome anyway! Thank you for the support and encouraging words. We hope to get up there to mainland more than once while in the hemisphere. We’ll let you know and try to get all of the must-see-spots off the beaten path.

Before I go, the calendar section is up, but you’ll need a password to see where the group is going (security reasons) so drop us an email to join up and we can get you the appropriate access.


Being new to Okinawa, we searched and searched for active groups for fellow homeschoolers with a like minded approach. What we found were many curriculum based homeschoolers, but we felt the need to search out and provide for all those who unschool, participate in child led learning, use Montessori style, or who simply didn’t fit the cookie cutter mold of holding school at home.

If you’d like to get out of your box, join us.

If you prefer learning adventures, total immersion learning, or simply grabbing life and learning and trying to hold on for the ride, we’re right there with you.

Let’s share in all the opportunities presented to us here on this wonderful island and learn and grow together with our children. Moms, Dads, Children of all ages are welcome to grow and learn along with us as true learning knows no age limit.